Catamaran Spanish Cup (Hobie 16)

2021 Hobie Spanish Cup

The Catamaran Spanish Cup is the 2nd most important for catamaran sailors in Spain. The Hobie 16 has its own division in the Catamaran Spanish Cup.

The team of Marc Jovani and Marta Porta (CN Cullera) won the Spanish Cup and will take the trophy back to Cullera. After six races of nine scheduled they won the title, achieving 5 points after discard. The second place goes to RCN Dénia to Jacobo Miquel and Arnau Muñoz (RCN Dénia), with 11 points. The bronze went to the current Spanish Hobie 16 champions: Juan Antonio (CR Pobla Marina) and Tono Llabrés (RCN Valencia), with 14 points.

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