2022 Hobie MultiEuropeans – Travemünde, Germany

Travemünder Woche 22. 31.07.2022

Photo: Christian Beeck

Day 1 report

First day of racing for the Hobie Classes started with the skipper meeting at 9.00 on the beach for the Youth Fleet.

A total of 25 boats divided among Spi and Non Spi sailors with a maximum age of 22 years old.

Thanks to a wind of 16knots with gust at 20knots and a great Race Committee, the fleet was able to sail 5 races.

Podium all from Italy in the Spi division: at first place Gianmarco Gini and Elisa Mustacchi, followed by Ruben Ginebri with Leonardo Fiorito, while third place for Valerio Tomassi and Eva Maria Orsolini.

In the non-spi division there is tight battle for the top position between Floor Holleman/ Francien Holleman (NED) and Charlotte Finkemeyer/ Wiebke Finkemeyer (GER). They are followed by  Eske Schermer/Stina Schermer (GER) aspiring for the last podium position.

At 19.00 all the sailors were invited to the opening ceremony with some drink and chats to catch up after 3 years of difficulty sailing situations.

On day two we are going to see in the water also the Dragoon, Hobie Cat 16 Masters and Hobie Cat 14. Skipper meeting for everyone at 9.00 and the start at 11.00 on the race-courses.

Results (select class via the dropdown menu)



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