2022 Hobie MultiEuropeans – Travemünde, Germany

Travemünder Woche 22. 31.07.2022

Photo: Christian Beeck

Day 4 report

Another day in the book for the Hobie Multi-Europeans with all races completed for all classes.

Wind was pretty strong, with stable 18knots and gusts over 20knts, but our fleets were able to face it and bring on the competition.

On course Bravo, the Hobie Cat 16 qualification series concluded 4 races. The fleet is lead by the German team Ulf Hahn and Katrin Wiese-Dohse, followed by the Italians Alessandro Cesarini and Carlo Centrone, while third place the Danish Nicklas Heide and Jonathan Møller.

In the Dragoon fleet the young Italian teams still overload the podium with no changes in the lead. This last day could make the difference for the third and fourth place.

The strong wind changed a bit the virtual podium for the Hobie Cat 14, now composed by only German teams. The lead is still Tanja Rindt, second place for Friedhelm Weller, while third place for André Hauschke.

At the end of the day all the sailors had the chance to spend time together on the famous four-masted tall ship Passat in the Trave enjoying the sunset and a bit of usual Hobie party.

Results, protests etc. can be followed in Manage2Sail. Click here for more details.


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