2022 Hobie MultiEuropeans – Travemünde, Germany

Travemünder Woche 22. 31.07.2022

Photo: Christian Beeck

Day 7 report
Day seven was characterized by a nice sea breeze, initially 10-12kts and then raised to 18kts.

Both Gold and Silver fleets were able to sail 5 races as planned by the organization, for a total of 8 races after 2 days.

A more stable wind direction gave the possibility to see some nice battles during the start to win right side of the course.

Leading the Gold fleet at the moment is the Italian team composed by Pierandrea Gessa and Roberto Dessi, second place for the Danish Daniel Bjørnholt and Josephine Frederiksen, while third place for the German Jens Goritz and Anne Delius.

In the Siler fleet, current podium positions are all German: first place for Ute Espelmann with Christopher Diebels, second place for Andre Hauschke and Nadja Reinhard, while third place for Ben Jochims and Paula Deppenbrock.

Unfortunately, a bit of chaos in the general recall of the first race of the day of Gold fleet brought to a request for redress for more than 20 boats. So, the results can change after the races of day 8.

.Results, protests etc. can be followed in Manage2Sail. Click here for more details.



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