Hobie Dragoon 1 1 400x400

Hobie Dragoon Extreme HIGH-PERFORMANCE 2 CREW OR ADULT SINGLE-HANDER. WEIGHING ONLY 104 KILOS IT IS KITTED OUT WITH EXCELLENT QUALITY RUNNING GEAR INCLUDING HARKEN MAIN JIB AND SPINNAKER BLOCKS. The Dragoon Extreme is an open class high performance, 3 sail, 13-foot catamaran, ideal for 2 Juniors, adult and Junior or adult single-hander. Exciting, fun to […]

Open Danish Hobie 16 SPI National Championship 2021

Open Danish Hobie 16 SPI National Championship 2021 This year the Danish Nationals were held on the capitol side of Denmark, more specific in Skovshoved. Saturday started off a bit wet and cold, lots of rain till midday cost a small delay on the start, but at 11.30 am, the regatta officially begun. With a […]

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