Hobie Cat Regatta Pescara; Italy

Hobie Regatta Pescara Italy 1

Multiclass Hobie Cat Regatta Pescara; Italy: winners and results of the three days of racing.
29 April – 1 May 2023

PESCARA – Bittersweet balance for the three days of regattas for the Hobie sailors engaged in the National Multiclass Stage which took place in Pescara under the organization of Mauro Di Feliciantonio and his ASD Svagamente within the official calendar of the National Sailing Federation.

Unfortunately, a long period of bad weather has characterized this spring period. 34 Hobie Cat 16 crews (with crews also from Austria and Germany) and 10 Hobie Cat Dragoon crews raced in the usual magnificent setting this month with the snow-capped mountains behind as a backdrop.

The number of sailors from the Pescara 808 fleet was very high, as usual, demonstrating the fervent activity of the Pescara Hobie sailors.

First day without racing: maximum wind peaks of 4.3 /4.6 knots with large oscillations resulted in variations in both intensity and direction, unfortunately, forcing the regatta committee, despite an attempt to start at the beginning of the early afternoon, to abandon racing for the day.

Second day with slightly higher wind, a flat sea and a lot of current that put the crews to the test to find the exact lay line for buoy 1 to pass it without problems. Disputed 3 races: the first two with 2 laps while for the third race, the reduction was given at the gates.
Many protests (in total 13) to discuss after returning from this tiring day.

The third day was characterized by torrential rain and not even a trip to the sea for the crews.

The female duo Degli Uberti-Cordero di Montezemolo prevailed in the Hobie16, second to the Austrian national champions Kitzmuller, third Gini-Mustacchi.

Excellent seventh place for the female crew of the 808 Dall’Olio-Di Tillio fleet.

Victory in the Dragoon category for Zezza-De Falco, second Cacciotti-Recchioni, third Trevisan-Masi.

Have a Hobie Day 808

Sandro Marino

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