2023 Hobie Cat MultiWorld and European Championship – Day 1

Hobie Multiworlds 2023 Day 13

Light winds and scorching temperatures for the first day of regattas of the European Championship dedicated to the Hobie Cat 16 and Dragoon which took place in Cesenatico.

Scorching heat and light winds for this first day of racing of the event dedicated to the Hobie Cat class. In fact, the European Championship dedicated to the Hobie Cat 16 and the Worlds Championship for the Dragoon have started and the young sailors sailed 4 races in the waters in front of the beaches of Cesenatico.
At 13.00 the start of the committee gave rise to the first regatta which saw a light wind from the first quadrant of 8 knots, which gradually increased up to about 15 knots in the final part of the day.
The boats therefore faced the trials with light waves which made sailing fast and enjoyable, as stated by the athletes returning from the races.

The provisional results for the first day are therefore as follows:

1 – ITA 1313 – Vascellari Leonardo – Lisci Noa
2 – ITA 1337 – Cacciotti Alice – Recchioni Baiocchi Elsa
3 – ITA 1447 – Trevisan Maria Giulia – Masi Sofia

Hobie Cat 16 Spi Youth
1 – ITA 117819 – Arduini Jacopo – Fiorito Leonardo
2 – ITA 117797 – Tomassi Valerio – Orsolini Eva Maria
3 – ITA 117090 – Caridi Jacopo – Borgia Sofia

Hobie Cat 16 Youth NO Spi
1 – GER 39 – Jochims Ben – Deppenbrock Paula
2 – ITA 117704 – Brociner Andrea – Pozzi Agnese
3 – GER 37 – Finkemeyer Charlotte – Finkemeyer Wiebke

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