RCIYC Minquiers Cat Dash

The inaugural MINQUIERS CAT DASH organised by the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club attracted 5 Wild Cats and 9 Hobie 16’s.

The Minquiers are a group of islands and rocks south of Jersey. At low tide, the rock shelf around the Minquiers has a larger surface area than Jersey itself, but at high tide, only a few of the main heads remain above water.[3] The largest of these is Maîtresse, which is about 50 m (55 yd) long and 20 m (22 yd) wide.

Congratulations to the winners of the 20-mile race, Adrian and Graeme Wildcats, Leo and Chloe H16’s. They blasted there on a reach in 54 minutes to be the first Wildcat and 59 minutes first Hobie 16. Only 5 minutes separated the winners of each division. Only footprints and wonderful memories were left after the tasty BBQ on the reef.

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