2022 Hobie MultiEuropeans – Travemünde, Germany

Travemünder Woche 22. 31.07.2022

Photo: Christian Beeck

Day 2 report

The wind played the venue a few tricks during day two. First the boats were sent on the water and then back in due to dropping wind from different directions. Around noon the wind stabilized with a breeze around 8-15 knots.

The Hobie 16 Youth continued their series and quite amazingly managing to get another 5 races in the box.  The Hobie Dragoon, Hobie 14, Hobie 16 Masters and Hobie 16 EHCA Spi Cup had the first day of their series. Despite the difficult wind conditions early in the day they managed to get a good number of races in as well.

Results, protests etc. can be followed in Manage2Sail. Click here for more details.


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